Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes photos

Shelby Cobra logo from the "wrong" side...

3-d Spider from the side

Octopus view from wrong sideThis is the Octopus viewed from the "wrong side".  Here you can see how the bench is placed on a drawn ledge, and the actual height of the curb to my left.

Octopus_wrong_view_from_left_side.jpgAnother, higher view from the wrong side.

Automotion_Guy_w_Early_Outline_196dpi.jpgEarly stages of 'Flying Lady' hood ornament drawing at the "Automotion" show.  I'm next to the Corvettes section. This is the same boardwalk where the Giant Octopus was drawn.

Flying Lady from wrong-sideThis is the "Flying Lady" viewed from the wrong side.  Since I was drawing an actual historical hood ornament, it was much more complicated, especially because of the three-quarter-angled view.  This was a rare instance where I used a grid to lay out the basic proportions before colouring the rest of the details by eye.